Pakistan Launches Satellite To The Moon – A Positive Step Forward?

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Pakistan in a first with the coordination and help of its strategic partner in the region China launched a satellite named as “iCube Qamar” to the Moon. This Satellite will orbit the moon as a part of China’s Chang’e-6 lunar mission which was launched from Hainan , China on Friday.

The Mission of this launch is to explore the “dark side” of the moon on which multiple countries are also participating .

Pakistan’s Institute of space technology(IST) On Tuesday announced that the Pakistan satellite “iCube Qamar” will aboard China’s Chang’e-6 . They said that the satellite was designed with the collaboration of China’s Shanghai University(SJTU) and Pakistan’s national space agency “Suparco

Chang’e-6 is not only carrying payloads from Pakistan but it is also carrying it from France, Italy and Sweden.

Chang’e-6 aim to collect samples from the dark side of the moon aiming for a round trip to bring the samples back to the Earth for analysis.

iCube Qamar:

It is a compact small size satellite with two optical cameras to image the lunar surfaces. The small size allows it to be cost-effective and be a starting point for other commercial entities to invest in space mission.

What this Launch Means To Pakistan And It’s Nation?

The citizens of Pakistan weren’t seemed to be happy with Pakistan investing into space missions considering the fact that Pakistan has been under the pump for terrorism, economic collapse scare and a country set for population collapse. People believe that the government isn’t focusing on the things that really matter to them. Instead of investing in space missions , the government should work on making the lives of their citizens better and easy.

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