2024 – Global Issues to Watch Out For

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It is of no surprise that every new year brings out many different challenges for the worldwide population. 2023 was generally a year of recession and inflation. People suffered globally from Wars, poverty and price hikes. Following are the top 4 issues that could affect global population this 2024.

The Palestinians – Israel Crises.

Over a decade of war conflict between illegal Israel and the Palestinians. This year could be the make or break year for this crises making it globally interesting in the sense as what the issue will at the end of all this decade of conflict will resolve to and what could be the international foreign policy related to this conflict. With many citizens of many different countries resorting to boycotting products of companies that donate or fund the Israelis by the late 2023. This year is being hinting to the fact that there might be a substantial result of this conflict.

Global Issues to Watch Out For in 2024

Artificial Intelligence ( AI) to take the center stage of attention.

Like in the era of 90s , when bigger technology companies went all out for competition for the dominance in terms of PCs and personal use device. This Year would be start of yet another heavy competition for all the current biggest technology companies to dominate in AI . Google, Meta, OpenAI, AliBaba group has all started to roll out AI tech this year . Elon Musk has recently announced all ready that he is ready to go all into AI. This means we might start to see some jobs getting replaced by AI for the first time this year.

Aging Population in 2024

In the year 2022, nations such as Japan, Italy, Finland, and Germany experienced a significant proportion of their populations being over 65 years old. Projections for 2050 indicate that this trend will extend to include Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan. The global percentage of individuals over 60 is expected to rise from 12% to 22% by 2050, accompanied by an increase in life expectancy. This demographic shift has far-reaching implications for social security and various sectors of the economy.

Governments and healthcare providers are likely to face escalating demands to provide increased care due to the rising risks of diseases affecting the elderly. The diminishing ratio of workers to pensioners is also exerting pressure on the sustainability of existing pension systems.

Furthermore, there is compelling evidence suggesting that the aging population has repercussions on both labor productivity and the labor supply. These effects can ripple through economic growth, trade dynamics, savings patterns, and investment trends. As a result, the year 2024 may be characterized by substantial challenges and uncertainties.

Global Economy To Slow Down in 2024

The world bank has predicted that this year the economic growth will slow down by 2.4% and will rise in 2025 , This simply means that there is a global recession to happen this year and for every single individual or human that means relying on a single source of income shouldn’t be the choice you would be making . The reasons for the sluggish global economic growth are high interest rates, increased energy prices and a slowdown in the world’s top two economies.


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