Indonesia Launches It’s Own National Crypto Currency Exchange

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After a few delays and hiccups in the process of legalizing and establishing a nationwide crypto currency exchange. Indonesia finally steps up as one of few countries which includes China, Marshall islands, Tunisia etc. to create its own exchange.

Indonesia’s new crypto exchange is known as INDODAX , a state of the art safe and secure crypto currencies trading , buying and selling platform . It is established on the promise that not only it will be able to make sure the safety of the users are maintained , but also the fact that it is controlled by government so that they can take action on any fraudulent activity that happens on the market.

Bold Prediction for INDODAX :

By the end of the year, INDODAX, formerly known as, will have 1.5 million users who can buy and trade digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, said Chief Executive Officer Oscar Darmawan.

The platform, which launched in 2014, has 1.14 million active members at the moment. This contrasts with the Indonesia Stock Exchange, which, according to information from the Indonesia Central Securities Depository, only has 1.18 million registered participants while offering stocks, futures, and exchange-traded funds.

The legalization of buying and selling bitcoin and other currencies simply means that there are strong chances that it will take over the indonesia stock exchange in terms of users being active and being interested in crypto.

What Holds the Future of Digital currencies?

At one end of the long battle , is America top financial advisor and finance minister Janet Yellen who is openly vocal about the negative impacts of crypto currencies and why it should be banned. On the other hand is , some countries like Indonesia, India, UAE who are openly welcoming investments into bitcoin and other coins as the countries look into the digital future.

We aren’t sure of what will really happen with bitcoin and other crypto currencies but we can be sure that this news of Indonesia launching its own crypto exchange will definitely boost the moral and speed of making a global digital currency a possibility.

What this News Holds For you?

This news of Indonesia legalizing a crypto exchange would definitely assure you that its high time that you look to invest in digital assets before it gets too late or out of hands. Its 2023 , and for that’s why if you aren’t sure of where or what digital assets you should try to buy and invest in. Click here to know more about what assets you should be working on in your portfolio for 2023 and beyond.

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