Top 4 PSX stocks To Look Out for in 2024

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Whether or not, you are a beginner or an expert who is looking to or who has already been investing in Pakistan stock exchange(PSX) , keeping an eye on these 4 stocks and their increasing share prices with a promise of a profit in day trade will definitely make these 4 psx stocks your favorite ones in 2024.

1- Treet Battery Limited (TBL)

The company , recently debuted on Pakistan stock exchange with a fair price of Rs 10 on 16th December 2024. within days of its debut until today it has jumped to surprisingly Rs 55.31 . This means that a minimum of Rs 10,000 investment would have yield almost Rs. 40,000 profit grossly. The reason of the unusual spike of this share is still not known, but still , it looks to cross Rs. 100 very soon by the look of the trends, making it a must watch one.

2. PIAA (Pakistan international Airlines)

With privatization on the cards and a promise that this step would lead to a recovery of Pakistan international airlines back into operations. better operations and better rebranding of this brand could mean better customer services and testimonials later on this year, making this seem that this stock price might rise .

3. Bank Of Punjab (BOP)

with day traders making great profit out of BOP stocks daily on psx and with the recent announcement of the company to provide interest free loans and ebikes and erickshaws. This could mean that its share price would still surge , making it for any local beginner to make profit out of it in early days.

4. Pakistan State Oil (PSO)

With general elections to be held by 8th February and a promise to reduce the petroleum cost nationwide. increase supply would definitely lead to increase in its share price. Also with the positive news surrounding PSO that the government is going to release rs. 30 billion to PSO . PSO is also going to acquire Nandipur and Guddu PowerPlants.

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