In a recent update from the Extreme Commerce CEO, Sunny Ali who took to Facebook on 9th may 2023 , to announce that he is likely going to shut down 5 of his incubators running in various cities of Pakistan most notably in Rahim Yar Khan, Multan, Peshawar, Sialkot and Faisalabad.

He further quoted that the losses are now difficult to bear and would be shifting on a virtual incubator model in order to reduce the losses.

He also suggested that he might work on a franchise model where the incubator owner would be responsible for its profits or losses.

extreme commerce

People’s Reactions:

People’s reactions over this was immense, with some even mentioning that those who are doing businesses are getting failed and are teaching their students on how to do a successful business.

Syed Muhammad Ahmad ,a Pakistani trainer who trains people on how to write proposals on Upwork, made a video explaining why extreme commerce failed.

Extreme Commerce 1st time getting roasted by the public?

This is not the first time sunny ali who is the CEO of extreme commerce has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, in the past he quoted the people in medical and law fields to not to pursue online income as its not their cup of tea.

extreme commerce

What To Expect In the Future?

Shutting down of 5 incubators of extreme commerce simply means that it wont be the first company to do it, recently Azad Chaiwala, a famous pakistan youtuber who talks about businesses also expanded its own physical branch of its institutes in Lahore and Rawalpindi. In case if either of these doesn’t turn out to be as profitable as extreme commerce, then it simply means that we would be seeing a lot of Institutions and incubators formed by these people who sell courses to shut down.

So What’s The Point?

The more these ecommerce, graphic designing, crypto courses instituitions and incubators will close

the more it will fuel up the narrative of the masses that these trainers who open up institutions to teach them courses and talk about becoming millionaires are just course sellers at the end of the day.

This will make general public’s trust diminish into their brands and there would be many people who would simply go to university and will move abroad for a better future.

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