The 6 Silent Pandemic They Won’t Discuss On The News

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We all know how the Mass media and major news platforms have biased opinions on some random topic and how they don’t really show the real picture of the world just like the Covid Pandemic because they are being funded by the group of people who created them with a sole business purpose mindset.

That is to influence the masses into thinking something by getting millions of money from those who want to influence the public.

Recent Scientific research has shown to prove that an men of today age are becoming weaker on all grounds compared to an average male just 2 decades ago.

The weakening of the men on all grounds isnt a healthy sign , as men are the one who make the world a better place through their contribution. Their downfall is almost equivalent to society being degraded.

Here are 6 silent pandemic , the news wont talk about.

Decreasing Testosterone and Reduced Fertility.

Recent multiple research on men hormone levels , have shown that men testosterone levels are decreasing and are at the lowest levels compared to the average male of the past. Most of this is actually attributed to Diet and environmental pollution. They say that today’s diet is artificial and there are much preservatives. Don’t forget how we all eat a lot of processed food daily. The emergence of pollution and polluted air has also contributed negatively to men’s testosterone Levels. This lower testosterone levels make the fertility low and its definitely not a healthy sign for the future.

Porn Addiction Pandemic

It is no doubt that porn industry has increased substantially to over a billion dollar industry just within a decade. This means more and more men are getting involved into this , This has a huge problem with men not willing to take responsibility of a woman and thus less likely to get involved into a serious relationship.


Depression pandemic

Depression in males was lowest in the past. Today , more men go and visit the therapist and get anti depressive medications. The depression in men today is attributed to a lot of factors and it might include loneliness, lower testosterone, porn addiction, alcohol addiction and diet.


Many men are obese today due to their dietary changes and depression. This is making men prone to a lot of diseases including diabetes, making them not to function at their best, because health is the primary wealth a man has.

Vitamin D Deficiency.

Many men choose to stay at home now and work from home post-covid. The usual office job and the high temperature of our cities makes men unable to enjoy the sunlight . This makes men deficient in vitamin D which is so essential for their bodies.

How To overcome This All?

In order to overcome the upcoming and current pandemic of this century , it is highly essential that we become fully aware of our surroundings and that is possible when we become high quality man.

in order to be one, click here to read about how to be a high quality man in today age.

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