You Should Have These 4 Digital Assets In 2023

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Below is a list of 4 digital assets that can help you earn side income and increase your influence and ability to escape the matrix

The upcoming recession and inflation is already making many jobs around the world insecure and this insecurity is going to increase as years pass by because newer AI technology is making it possible to make many jobs around the world to get replaced by robots .

After the recent launch of CHATGPT, an online chatbot that assist you in a variety of tasks ,

there has been a lot of increased interest of the people around the world to go for the AI industry and build products to replace the jobs with AI.

In this scenario , having the following digital products and creating it right now in 2023 is what will help you achieve security and gain extra income from.

1-Blogging Website :

there is never shortage of information and people seeking out for information online. The key to understand before going into the creation of blogging website is the ability to provide value to the readers.

The more value you provide depending on your niche , the more your blog grows .

It is the easiest to start among all and probably the very first step towards increasing your digital asset, starts from blogging.

It has a lot of categories and a hard work of 6 months can help it grow exponentially.

4 digital assets you should own in 2023

2- Ecommerce Website:

Creating an ecommerce website might initially need your own personal experience. Think of this way that you know a particular product, its cost of manufacturing , you know an audience who you can sell the product.

Then ecommerce might be the best option for you and probably a walk in the park. It does requires courage and skill to make it work.

A good hard work on this can make you earn an income from the very first month of its launch. If you are based in Pakistan where ecommerce is overly hyped by local gurus click here to make sure of the basic things before you get started.

3- Crypto Currency:

Even though , it doesn’t always guarantee a profit, but it will definitely make sure that you have some money invested into something that can increase its value over time

. you can start creating this digital asset with as little as 10$ and increase steadily as soon as you start earning some profits out of it. Even though it requires patience, but there are many chances that you can earn a profit out of it .

All you need is grit, knowledge and patience. You can start your purchase of bitcoins ,

Ethereum or any other alt coin from various exchanges. The most commonly used and popular are Binance and Bitget .

4-Online Courses :

Have a skill to teach? well this can help you earn a side income by creating an online course for it.

Promote the course you make by creating a simple website with a subscription model and promote it to your friends or social media and to those people who want to learn a specific skill. You can also sell it on

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