Unraveling the Truth About Aspartame: Debunking Myths and Exploring its Impact on Health – A Comprehensive Guide

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It is of no doubt that the artificial sweetener Aspartame has been the major focus of the health news around the globe especially with its effect of being potentially a carcinogenic agent. In this article, we will look at the deeper insight of what aspartame is and how much valid are the claims of world health organization regarding Aspartame and what are the major products that contains it. so lets look into the myths and explore its impact on health.

History Of Aspartame:

Aspartame was first introduced in 1981 as a low calorie sweetener mainly for diet Coke. It is however 200 times more potent than regular granulated sugar. since than its been the major sweetener used by many food and beverages brand across the globe.

Food Products that contain Aspartame:

  • Zero-sugar or diet sodas, including Diet Coke
  • Sugar-free gums, such as Trident gum
  • Diet drink mixes, including Crystal Light
  • Reduced-sugar condiments, such as Log Cabin Sugar Free Syrup
  • Sugar-free gelatin like Sugar-free Jell-O
  • Tabletop sweeteners sold under brand names including Equal and Nutrasweet

Why there is recent hype about aspartame?

Aspartame has been in the news for its potential connections linked to various health hazards for years before it even come to be a hype of today.

in the years of 1980s ,

ever since it was approved by FDA , a controversy got raised stating that several health hazards such as brain tumor caused by it was ignored during the approval process and G.D Searle who is the company and subsidiary of Pzifer has falsified the safety data of this artificial sugar, but the news did never make it to the public nor the documents of the original approval process.

Recently WHO independent research team International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has finally concluded that aspartame even in normal dietary dose is a potential carcinogen.

they are all set for the ruling against its use by next month.

these research were based on Ramazzini studies

Effects Of Aspartame as Detected by The IARC:

it has finally been concluded that Aspartame can cause Leukemia, Brain tumors, Depression and seizures.


This research and the conclusion of an artificial sweetener aspartame being a potentially carcinogenic proves the fact that the increased in the prevalence of cancer worldwide might be related to diet.

This will provoke more research into the diet we humans eat and could result in billion dollars losses and fines to company that sell chemicals that are potentially hazardous for human consumption.

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